Participating in country/farm activities

Nowadays, when city life has become so fast and stressful and the when everyday pursuit for success and achieving material values has become a way of life. The man, who has become distant from nature and other people, overwhelmed by his own problems, is trying to find salvation in various wellness centers, city parks and other places that remind them of life in nature, and in part is succeeding.

For sure you have forgotten how life in the country side looks like. Where man is the master of his own time and space, where he listens to nature and lives in harmony with it. Where there are no mobile phones, no stress, hurry and anxiety... Come and relax and for a short while, forget about the dark daily routine.

It will be our pleasure to bring you a few decades back and organize for you to spend time with shepherds, take you along to participate in lawn mowing, collecting hay, picking herbs and mushrooms. For our youngest guests we will organize a play date with farm animals.

Come and experience how farm work and chores can relieve you from stress and tension. In just a few days you will be fresh and relaxed.